I honestly don’t know very much about his early life.

The woman at the animal shelter told us he was one of about 25 dogs that were seized during some kind of federal raid out in the countryside.

The dogs hadn’t been abused, thankfully.

But they may have been neglected.

All I know is, the second I saw him, I knew.

This is the very first picture I ever took of Hook after bringing him home from the shelter.


He was the only dog in the whole shelter not barking.

He came right up to the edge of the crate, his tail wagging, and licked at me.

So of course, I had to meet him.

The animal shelter had these little visitation rooms where you could interact with the dogs before you adopt them.

And the second he came into the room, he galloped right up to me, and sat in my lap.

The woman at the shelter began crying when I told her he was the one.

She said because of his breed, and because of is age, she never thought he’d be adopted.

His name is Captain Hook. And on April 10th, 2014, he became my best friend.

For as much as he doesn’t like water, he sure loves rolling in dirt.

Honestly, even to this day I’m not sure what breed he is.

The shelter had him labeled “German Shorthair Pointer-Mix.”

And that might be partially true.

He’s got the body of an American Bulldog (though a bit skinnier), and the snout of a Pointer.

When he plays, he likes to gallop like a bucking bronco.

He can jump like 5 feet straight up into the air.

When he’s alert, he points.

He’s got big splotchy black skin spots, a diamond shaped black tuft on top of his head (his “kissy spot”)

And an insatiable need to be pet by people.

I know you love to pet me papa, but can I please get more treats?

Hook absolutely loves being pet. It’s his second favorite thing after treats.

He enjoys being pet only slightly more than he enjoys being cuddled.

He’s 80 lbs of pure, unabashed, cuddly joy.

He doesn’t bark, he rarely growls, and he’s super chill.

A long day of playing at the park makes the Hook a tired boy.

Thunderstorms? Please.

Fireworks? Wake me when you open treats, papa.

very tired boy.

Hook is my constant companion.

He’s been with me through heartache.

He moved across the country with me.

More than anything else, he always knows how to brighten my day.

Like papa like puppy.

I know it’s become a giant cliche at this point…

But I really do have to ask:

Who rescued who?

According to the ASPCA, 3.3 million dogs enter shelters across the country every year. Of those, only about 1.6 million will find homes.

Today, on National Dog Day, you can help support those who foster, shelter, adopt, and give medical treatment to all pets in need.

Consider donating to the Silicon Valley Pet Project.

Or, if you can, adopt or foster a pet in need.

They may be here for only part of our lives…

But we’re here for all of theirs.

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