An abandoned puppy in Missouri has been found thanks to a local animal shelter in the area.

But this isn’t just any puppy, it’s a puppy that has a second tail growing from it’s head!

The 10-week-old pup’s name is “Narwhal” and he’s gone viral, in a good way.

Everyone on the internet cannot get enough of this pup!

Veterinarians have examined narwhal and say they’ve never seen a dog like him before.

The vets have taken X-Ray’s of Narwhal’s tail and said that it isn’t attached to anything vital. The tail doesn’t cause Narwhal any pain either, so they have decided to just leave it as is.

If dog unicorns existed, Narwhal would be the first one to earn the title.

So adorable! What’s the most unique pet you’ve ever seen?

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