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#MayThe4th be with you this Star Wars Day! Instead of The Neighbourhood’s “Sweater Weather” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Light Saber Waver!”

If you mention Star Wars, man
My Heart Explodes like Alderaan
I’ve had these Sheets,
Since I was Ten, With Luke & Leia
In my bed, I pretend
Playin’ with my Light Saber
Now don’t be a hater
Or we’ll fight it Out, Like I’m a Tusken Raider
And when I see automatic doors…
Wave my Hand Like I’m Using the Force, ohhh

Star Wars is All I Think About,
Cuz I’m a Rebel Scout
Single, No Spouse,
Live in, Mom’s House,
Most Chicks, Creeped Out
Mind Tricks when I use my mouth
Light Saber Battles, make all the Sounds (Vsshrrm)
This Jedi cloak
Would Appear
To be my Mom’s bath robe
Still I wear it, to Work as a Blazer

From a Young Age, my Force Awaked
Every Birthday had Star Wars Cake
Space Warp my MIND, to the Dark Side
After way too much Sugar Intake,

My CAR’s in X-Wing Shape
Got “Pew Pew Pew” on my Vanity Plate
My Best Friend helpin’ me Navigate…
In the Backseat, Little Lego BB-8, Yeah

On May the Fourth, Party like the Victory on Endor
Ain’t Cosplay, It’s the norm
“These aren’t the nerd you’re lookin’ for!”

A sequels out!
Long Lines, Big Crowds,
Swords Up, Capes Down
Face Paint, No Clowns,
Leia’s, Buns are Out,
Wookie Rolls in on a Hover round
Jabba on Ozempic, Shed the Pounds, Woah!

Just Call my Phone
And you’ll Hear
My Star Wars Theme Ring Tone
And my Voicemail Greeting sounds like Vader…

Find my Soul…
Soulmate Here
And join Jedi Mingle
Had a tough talk, with my Droid Trash Container

Listen, R2, you gotta go (SFX)
Cause someday, I’d like to have a girlfriend, duh (SFX)
No, of course they think you’re cute… (SFX)
Yes, AND you’re a great conversation starter, but then it gets weird … (SFX)
Because we start making out & you’re over there making noises and shaking… (SFX)
No, it’s creepy! (SFX)
Plus, you’re kinda shaped like a… you know… (SFX)

And then, you play the Leia hologram, and the girl thinks you’re gonna videotape her (SFX)
I Know I programmed you to Always Record, but thats not the point (SFX)
By the way, hyperdrive’s on the fritz again… could ya take a look? (SFX)
Thanks R2 (SFX)

And I Dont Know
Why I Keep
Talking In Yoda Quotes
Spoke in Riddles, and Freaked out my Neighbor

My Coffee’s Cold
Can’t you see
This Death Star Mug I Hold?
Don’t be Fearful, cause Fear leads to Anger

I Cook My Yolks, and Light Your Smokes
With the BEAM from my SABER
(*light saber noise*)

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