If you want to re-live the 90’s and spend a night on a double-decker bus, now is your chance.

You can spend at night in the original double-decker bus that was used in the “Spice World” movie.


Now the bus isn’t going to look exactly the same as it did in the movie, because the new owners added a few new renovations and updates to it.

You’ll see a bunch of 90’s memorabilia including disco balls, scrunchies and even magazines and CDs!

Owner Suzanne Godley added her own personal touches to the interior of the bus,

“I’m a huge fan of the band and have tried to include as many little touches as possible inspired by the girls and their music, to make the inside just as iconic as the outside!”

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There aren’t many spots to left to book the bus, in fact it will only be available for booking on Airbnb starting at 2:00 A.M EST on May 22nd until June 14 and 15 at $127 per night.

Would you want to stay on the iconic Spice World bus?

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