Justin Bieber announced his Changes Tour just a few weeks ago along with meet & greet options for over one thousand dollars.

Each meet & greet price may vary depending on the venue and all the extra fees included. A few prices vary from $1,549 to even $7,000!

The “diamond package” on AXS shows that one can meet Bieber and also take a meet & greet photo with a group of 4 or MORE people.

So if you’re trying to get a solo picture with the Biebs, it’s totally unlikely since you’ll have other beliebers in the photo with you.

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Besides the snapshot with Bieber, fans who snag the package will also get limited edition tour merch, a backstage tour, VIP cocktail and a lounge to enjoy free snacks and drinks. This meet & greet package also includes one reserved spot in the floor section.

There are also other VIP packages available for the tour, but not all of them include a photo op.

How much money have you dropped to meet your favorite celebrity?

Story via PopCrush.com

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