Let’s be real, a lot of us leave a bunch of stuff in the car. We’ve got empty water bottles, napkins, trash and other random items.

One thing you shouldn’t leave in your car is a canister of dry shampoo.

Why? Because there’s a chance it might explode in your car!

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A woman from St. Louis shared a now viral photo on her Facebook page showing what happened to her daughter’s car when she left a closed can of dry shampoo in her hot car, the canister exploded!


One of the photos shows a picture of the can and its warning label mentioning not to leave the dry shampoo in the car and the word “DANGER” following “extremely flammable.. container may explode if heated.”

Luckily no one was hurt, but who knew so much damage could be done on one car from an 8 oz can of dry shampoo?

This is a PSA for us all not to leave items like that in the car.

Read more about it at GoodMorningAmerica.com

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