Tinder is like sailing the high seas with dating apps.

Sure, you might find some hidden gold or a lasting connection (if that’s what you’re into)…

But you’re far more likely to get scurvy. And sick.

As one woman found out, you might not even have to swipe to find trouble.

According to SF Gate, Nichole was on vacation in San Francisco.

And like anyone who’s single, and visiting a new city…

She decided to do some Tinder swiping.

But mere hours after she started, she found herself locked out of her account.

Apparently, her photos were deemed “inappropriate” and she was banned.

The photo in question?

A picture of Nichole with a dead deer.

SF Gate quotes Nichole as explaining:

“I cropped it so there were no weapons, no blood. My family, we are not trophy hunters, we hunt for food. We respect the animal, we respect the outdoors, we eat every part of the deer that we can and only take shots when we feel it’s going to be a good shot and it’s going to take the animal as quickly and painlessly as possible.”

Tinder says multiple users had reported the photo.

But even worse, someone even screenshotted her profile…

And sent it to her employer.

Like, look.

I’m not a hunter.

But doxing someone because they’ve got a hunting photo in their profile is pretty low.

Just do what you would normally do if you find someone unattractive:

Swipe left.

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