Fall is here and it’s been getting chilly lately and some people have a hard time having their bodies adjust to the cold weather.

Winter is coming too and it might even get COLDER!

It takes some time for our bodies to get used to the cold weather, BUT they do eventually adapt to it.

Studies have found that we tend to be a little colder during the beginning of winter instead of the end, because once January hits, we’ve already been used to the cold weather.

There are two ways to help your body adjust to the chiller temperatures, but if you have heart issues, you shouldn’t try these out…

  • Spending more time in the cold and letting yourself be cold. No need to wear a bunch of layers, just grab a light jacket with you when you’re out and about.

As always, DON’T DO ANYTHING DANGEROUS! The whole idea of this idea is to help your body be more exposed to the cold weather which will help you adapt.

Another way to prep your body for the chilly temperatures ahead is to,


The U.S Army found that taking cold showers and baths help our bodies adjust to the cold much faster.

After trying these out, your body would eventually get used to the cold. Making your blood vessels constrict less, helping you shiver less and hopefully the cold weather won’t bother you anymore.

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Story via Time.com

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