You might see everyone at your Fourth of July gatherings attempting to get a bottle cap off of a drink by kicking it off. Why? It’s because the internet has a new viral challenge going on that once again involves bottles.

You may have remembered the bottle flipping challenge that everyone could not stop trying out a few years back.

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Nowadays, there’s a new challenge that’s taken the internet by storm: the bottle cap challenge.

For this challenge, you would need to unscrew a bottle cap from any bottle with a single roundhouse kick. It all started in the world of MMA and later went viral when designer Errolson Hugh and UFC Champion Max Holloway tagged John Mayer in a post and challenged him.

John Mayed NAILED it:

Other celebrities including Actor Jason Statham also did nailed the challenge in style:

We also had our own fun doing the challenge too…


Which celebrity would you nominate to do the bottle cap challenge?

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