Diplo has teamed up with The JoBros for a new song called, “Lonely” which will be released under Diplo’s new country record named after his birth name, Thomas Wesley.

Hearing Diplo and the Jonas Brothers country music may make you say, “What?” but it sounds totally unique and different (in a good way).

Fans were thinking something was up with the two artists when Diplo “hacked” the Jonas Brothers Instagram posting some of the most randomest things like some self-promo…


how Nick broke the Jonas Brothers up…


and shared who the “original” Jonas Brothers were…


Clearly it was all just for giggles and to promote their new song.

The music video is pretty much Diplo trying to get in touch with the brothers but they all seem upset and don’t want anything to do with him (probably because he filmed Joe’s wedding without permission?), but in the end before they can kiss and makeup on FaceTime, Diplo’s phone dies.

You can listen and watch the video for Diplo and the Jonas Brothers track, “Lonely” above!


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