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Happy Father’s Day to YOUR Dad and all our favorite TV Dads too! It’s a TV Sitcom Dad Father’s Day Medley EXTRAVAGANZA!

“Hi Hungry. I’m Dad”

Haaa, Haaa, Haaa… Haa!

The Way He Dresses is For Functionality
The Bucket Hats, The Button Ups, the Zip-Away Khakis!

Every Dad’s Playbook (Every Dad)
There’s a Threat (Idle Threat)
To Turn This Car Around, soon!
Don’t Give him that Look, (Don’t Give Him)
Don’t You Start! (Don’t you Start)
Why? Cuz he just said to!
Got your Dad’s Good Looks

When you’re in Despair, cuz your heart’s been broke…
He’ll Suggest that you to wait til your Mother Gets Home!

Every Dad’s Playbook!
Joking Like Dane Cook!


Well, He was a fella man about Town
Who met your mom, and Rizzed her down
And Then nine months Later,
A Little Baby was There
Now he’s Only Poppin’ bottles of MILK, for Child Care
*crying* Shhhhh! *crying* It’s Okay, Daddy’s Here

He’ll rush you to Soccer, and then to Ballet!
Teach ya Lesson, Saying “Well, Back in my Day…”
Try to stay relaxing, tossin’ back some Cold Brews
Still he’s Busier than Diddy in Lawyer Interviews
Tried to help ya with Math, But it wasn’t no Good!
Schools Don’t Teach Addition like they used to do it!
He Spent one whole Hour, in the Bathroom Upstairs
Til the Wifey came a Knockin’: “Whatchya Doin in there???”
*knock knock knock*… Just a Minute!
*knock knock knock*… I need minute, ok?
*knock knock knock*…CAN A MAN LIVE IN PEACE!? GOD!

Your Old Man is RAD, that Message is Clear…
Drinks COFFEE from a MUG that says: “Dad of the Year”
Wears so many Hats, that He’s Losing his Hair!
Had a Dad Bod Appear, One Day from Thin-Air!

He’s the MAN OF THE HOUSE, and his Rules have been Stated
If you touch the Thermostat, you’ll be Eviscerated!
Looked at his Children
And he Tried not to Swear
Threw on a FILM, and Fell asleep in his Chair


Dad Toys, Dad Toys,
He’s Gotta Special Room,
80-Inch Tube with a Kegerator, Dude,
Dad Toys, Dad Toys
A Muscle Car or Two
Watch him comin’ through, on his NEW Sea-Doo

His TRAEGER Done Cook the Best Steak
His Speed Boat Leave the Best Wake
His Bose Surround Sound make the Whole Couch Shake
He got the HOT TUB Taking the Pain Away

Dad Toys, Dad Toys,
Harley’s on the Move,
Take Your Kia’s Soul, When He Race Past You
Dad Toys, Dad Toys
Closet Full of Tools
Makin’ Tim “Toolman” Taylor Look a Fool


Stepped on a Lego Brick Today,
And nearly Blew My Top
Need an Escape from Watching “Bluey”
And Drum Sets made from Pots
These Kids are Turning My hair Gray…

Some Times Dad’s Wanna Go
And Hit the bar to Watch the Game!
Shout a Curse Word, without Shame…
Where Nobody calls you “DADDY”
Unless they’re Cute and of Age…
You Wanna Eat, where Dino Nuggets Aren’t the Rage…

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