What age were you when you actually felt like an actual adult?

A new survey with 2,000 American adults was conducted by OnePoll with Farm Rich and found that men are considered to be adults at the age of 26 and women hitting adulthood at age 23.

Those involved in the survey were also asked to name the top signs of being an adult, the top ten on the list are:

  1. Having a budget
  2. Purchasing a house
  3. Doing taxes on your own
  4. Building up your credit score
  5. Investing in a 401k
  6. Doing your own laundry
  7. Visiting the doctors’ regulalry and scheduling your own appointments
  8. Using a grocery list
  9. Cooking dinner Monday-Friday
  10. Watching the news

We’re both seriously adulting, or at least trying to. But good luck to the Bay Area folk trying to buy a home, it’s expensive out here!

How old were you when you felt like a real adult?

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Story via NYPost.com

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