Fourth of July is one of those holidays where you can catch up with friends and family and see a spectacular fireworks show all at the same time.

Now seeing fireworks can be a mesmerizing site, but your four-legged friends don’t feel the same. In fact, many pets go missing this time of year.

The loud noise from fireworks gets them scared and anxious, so instead of taking them outside during a fireworks show, you should keep them indoors.

Let them hide out somewhere in the house. You can keep them in a room with the T.V on or music playing in the background which can help drown out the sounds of the fireworks.

Also make sure your pet has an ID or that they are micro-chipped just incase they escape. It also helps to have a current picture of them just incase they do go missing.

My pup Bella usually likes to hide under blankets and we surround her with her favorite toys! We also like to play Mix in the background too, to try and drown out the fireworks.

What do you usually do to comfort your pet during Fourth of July?

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