Phones have easily become part of our everyday lives or maybe even taken over our lives.

A new survey has showed that we’ve become even MORE addicted to our cell phones more than anything.

New stats from showed that, 64% of people have texted a person that’s in the SAME EXACT ROOM as they are. We’ve really just gotten more lazy to talk, huh?

A couple more stats from the survey showed…

  • 88% of people feel “UNEASY” leaving their phone at home.
  • 66% of Americans check their phones about 160 times each day (about 10 time an hour).
  • 17% of people spend more time using their cell phones than spending time with their kids.
  • Those in romantic relationships spend about 33% more time on their phones than their partners.
  • 45% of people would give up sex instead of using their phones.
  • Three-quarters of people in the survey have ADMITTED to being ADDICTED to their phones.

Do you think these stats are accurate? Are you addicted to your phone?

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