The world’s first ever virtual reality gym has officially opened its doors in San Francisco.

It’s not like your regular old gym, it’s a VR gym but still gives you the same benefits as a regular workout.

The gym promises that it will give fitness fans a workout “like no other that requires you to fight battles and beat opponents in a virtual world.”

“High-intensity” workouts are also a part of the gym where they last about 30 minutes. You can do a combo of cardio and resistance training and you can evil battle with another person, your past workouts or both!

Black Box VR is the company behind the VR gym and plans to spread their gym to other markets. They are even planning on releasing a home version of the VR gym.

The gym is located at 1390 Market St Suite 102, San Francisco, CA 94102. You can visit the Black Box VR website here for more details about the gym.

Does this VR gym sound like something you’d want to try out?

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