People have a love/hate relationship with Thanksgiving food.

This time, we’re going to focus on what Thanksgiving food people hate the most in each state.

A new study found the most hated Thanksgiving food/dish in each state. It was based off more than 50,000 “hate tweets” that Twitter users have posted over this past month.

Surprisingly, three states said their most hated Thanksgiving day food was TURKEY. The states who aren’t a fan of having it are Maine, Idaho and Oregon.

Overall, most states HATE cranberry sauce. 17 states picked that as their first choice of the most hated Thanksgiving food.

12 states aren’t too crazy about Green bean casserole.

Here’s a small list of what kind of Thanksgiving food people aren’t too fond of:

  1. Cranberry Sauce (17 states hate it)
  2. Green bean casserole (12 states hate it)
  3. Stuffing (9 states hate it)
  4. Sweet potatoes (6 states hate it)
  5. Pumpkin pie (3 states hate it)
  6. Turkey (3 states hate it)

Here’s a map showing off states and their least favorite Thanksgiving food item:

Looks like California HATES Cranberry sauce. Why aren’t we surprised?

What Thanksgiving food are you not a fan of?

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