The holidays are coming up and let’s be real, we can get STRESSED OUT over them.

A new poll found that four of the five most stressful things about the holiday season involve our loved ones!

49% of people in the poll said that the holidays are their most stressful time of year.

What’s the biggest thing that stresses us out the most? The people we love.

According to the poll, here are the five things that stress us out the most during the holiday season:

  1. Having friends / family over for a big party or big dinner
  2. Having friends / family stay with you
  3. Traveling to see friends / family
  4. Going out to dinner with friends / family
  5. Taking a vacation during the holiday season

We’re actually pretty surprised that SHOPPING didn’t make the list.

These can be pretty stressful situations, and there are some things that can EASE this holiday stress. The top five answers people said that would help them alleviate the stress from all these things include,

  1. A private chef
  2. A professional organizer
  3. A decorator
  4. Someone to do chores
  5. Someone to run errands for us

Now if only we had enough money to hire those people, the holidays would probably be a bit easier. But for now we’ll just have to deal with it all one day at a time.

What’s one thing that stresses you out the most during the holidays?

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