Taylor Swift had a pretty big 2018.

From a massive stadium tour, a newfound political zeitgeist surrounding voter registration, and a multitude of positive attention…

She’s had a good year.

But it looks like that era is ending.

According to E Online, Taylor is making a big change to The Swift Life, her Social Media app…

She’s shutting it down for good.

The app has been in a delicate situation for a while.

It was supposed to be a new, refreshing take on social media

A new way for fans and friends alike to share Taylor Swift-themed stories and articles, unlocking various achievements and emojis (“Taymojis”).

Mere hours after it launched in October 2017…

The app faced serious issues.

There were political arguments and bad blood.

And even after a year of cleaning up…

It really never recovered.

Taylor released a statement on Twitter announcing the app’s closure:

The app will officially shut down on February 1st.

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