Taylor Swift’s new era of bright pastel colors and bubblegum pop is upon us.

And while there’s still plenty of speculation about her new album and direction…

One thing’s for sure:

Spelling is hard.

According to several exasperated users on Twitter, there’s a problem with some of Taylor’s new merch.

Specifically, on the new crop-top tye-dye shirts.

The pink ones and the blue ones…

Have a rather glaring typo.

Notice, it says “Your’e the only one of you”

Instead of the correct “You’re the only one of you”

Basically, she apostrophe’d in the wrong place.

And it wasn’t a one-off thing…

Literally all of the pink and all of the blue shirts have the same error.

While that’s not the most glaring typo in the world…

You expect them to at least get it right on a $40 shirt.

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