Time Magazine released it’s list of the worlds 100 Most Influential People, and some great musicians made the list!  Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Khalid and Ariana Grande are a few notables!

Shawn Mendes wrote a sort-of essay about Taylor Swift, and why she is so influential.  He said she “makes the job of creating music for millions of people look easy.” “It all comes from her — her belief in magic and love, and her ability to be as honest and raw as possible. She’s the master of putting the perfect amount of thought into not overthinking, and that’s why her music connects so well.”

BTS also made the list and Halsey said this about her friends, “Surely it takes remarkable talent, charm, kindness, altruism and dedication. But you’d still be missing a key component: a devoted community to uplift your efforts, soften your stumbles and shoot light from their eyes into the sky in your name every single night. By these parameters, BTS has reached the top.”

Celine Dion commended Lady Gaga for her work in the LGBTQ community saying, “She’s definitely one of the most inventive artists we’ve ever seen. Her artistic expression has no rules, no boundaries. When she first came on the scene with her outrageous style, she didn’t care what the critics said. She marched to the beat of her own drum, knowing that her message of individuality was a way to express her inner strength.”

You can see the complete list of Time’s 2019 Most Influential People here.