Ariana Grande has probably heard the Starbucks joke before.

Yes, she knows her last name is the same as the drink size.

But now, the two may be taking advantage of this.

According to, both Ariana and the coffee chain have been acting…

Rather coy online…

First, Starbucks posted this:

If you can’t see it, the text in the cloud reads “thank u next”

Then, this morning, they posted this:

Ari’s response?

To which the coffee chain replied:

That one says “live your life out cloud”

Now, sure, you would think the drink would have to be called “Ariana”

Because then you could totally order a “Grande Ariana”

But they may be doing something a bit more boring.

Today notes that reports indicate Starbucks is launching a new drink called the “Cloud Macchiato” — an espresso drink with drizzles of caramel and whipped foam.

And later this week, they’ll announce a special store playlist featuring Ari.

Y’all missed the perfect opportunity.

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