Sonic the Hedgehog is almost 30 years old.

When the original 1991 game released…

It spawned a massive, pervasive fanbase.

And I’ll be honest… I’ve been a Sonic fan for years.

But even I didn’t ask for this.

According to Kotaku, the first official trailer for Sonic’s first live-action movie is out.

And it’s getting… a less than stellar reception online.

First, the CGI looks kind of goofy, and unfinished.

And what in Barry Allen’s running shoes is the deal with the Speed Force-like electricity?

Why does Sonic have TEETH?!?

After years of being set in it’s own world…


The most positive thing?

It looks like Jim Carrey is back to his old tricks.

Like, this is premium, Ace Ventura and Liar Liar era Jim.

And it’s goofy and bizarre and kind of works for the character.

Also, Ben Schwartz (Parks and Rec) is the perfect fit for Sonic.

And James Marsden’s always a favorite (Westworld, anyone?)

But really, the big question everyone has is…

Why can’t Detective Pikachu come out sooner?

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