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Grab your shades and get ready to witness history because the Solar Eclipse is happening soon! Instead of Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Solar Eclipse Is Gonna Start!”

(Turn Around)
Every now & then the Moon’s a Little bit jealous of the sunlight on our Ground

(Feeling Down)
Banished to the shadows, only featured at night,
Reflecting Light, while everybody’s asleep!

(Orbits ’round)
Every couple hundred years the Moon gets a chance to take a stand and Grab it’s moment to Shine

(Charge the Mound)
March to Center Stage & tear the spotlight away,
Like Kanye at the VMA’s in ’09

(Blocking our Sunshine!)
Send the World below into the Dark!

(Stars Literally Aligned!)
It Tried to steal the sun, but stole our hearts

(On the Ground)
People Stare up at the awesome Cosmic Event
With 3D Glasses on their Eyes

(Online I Found)
Flat Earthers are Claiming it’s a Hollywood Stunt,
Cause we all Know the World is Flat as a pie!

(Nerds Abound)
All the Sheldon’s drooling ’bout Celestial Bodies,
But a girl’s body, they’ll RUN & they’ll hide

(Purity Vow)
All the Virgins should be Hella Thankful,
cuz in Olden Times, they probably woulda been Sacrificed!

(Blowing our Small Minds)
Double Rainbow Guy, but off the Charts!
(Once in a Lifetime)
So drop what you are doing & take Part

C’mon pause, your Twitter Fights
Trust me your post it Ain’t that Clever
Delay the Afternoon Delights
The Moon Don’t Wait for Carnal Pleasure!
Let your Fortnite Characters die
Cuz once you Miss it, it’s Gone
Whatever, Even if you witness a homicide,
Think 9-1-1 can wait, I mean they’ve Already Died
(already died!)

While driving to the Hospital, just Slam it into Park
Even if your wife’s contractions are two minutes Apart
Just hold it in for a Bite!
The Moon is Blocking the Sun’s Light
Her Screaming Really kills the VIbe

Made myself a Viewer, just to Stare up above
I Used a Box of Old Lucky Charms…
Learned it from YouTube
I’m like the Cardboard Tony Stark

Once upon a Time I Had a light in my life
But the Moon who blocked it out was named “Mark”
(“I’m Mark”)
Forget it Anyway…
The Solar Eclipse’s Gonna Start

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