Jason Momoa is legit one of the sexiest men alive.

He’s both our Khal and our Aquaman…

And he makes the entire world thirsty.

But now, he’s also making people hungry.

And not just for spice

According to Today, one Girl Scout is taking advantage of Momoa’s sexiness…

By repackaging Samoa cookies…

(You know, the Caramel DeLites — basically the best cookie ever invented)

Like this:

Yes, that is a shirtless, delicious looking Jason Momoa as Aquaman.

And he’s helping the little girl sell cookies.

Apparently, this has been pretty successful.

“Moon(pies) of my life”

But not everyone’s happy about it.

There’s a large contingent of parents who are pretty upset about the new, sexy packaging.

They call it “objectification” and “inappropriate.”

But honestly… it’s working.

Like. Damn, son.

I want like 10,000 boxes of those.

I’d make an Iron (cookie) Throne out of ’em.

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