Shawn Mendes is almost 21 years old.

His 21st birthday is in August.

And as every 18 to 20 year old will tell you…

That doesn’t mean you can’t drink.

Just that it’s not legal to do so in the US.

According to PopBuzz, the “In My Blood” singer was in Ireland for a show.

And since the legal drinking age there is 18…

He figured he could take advantage of this, and get a few drinks.

Unfortunately, he neglected to remember the 2nd part of the law…

That 18 year olds were permitted to drink — before a certain time.

So when he and Alessia Cara tried to get into a pub after their show…

The bouncers were less than thrilled:

Thankfully, it looks like he handled it well.

Apparently, he spent the evening at McDonalds.

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