Selena Gomez Has The Most Positive Effect on Social Media, Kim Kardashian, Most Negative

A website, has compiled a list of social media influencers that positively affect the world and people’s decisions, and Selena Gomez came out on top with 38% positive, and only 19% negative.  No surprise Kim Kardashian came out at the bottom of the list, but here’s how a bunch of other celebrities  did:

Dwayne Johnson: Positive 36% Negative 23%

Katy Perry: 35% Positive Negative 22%

Taylor Swift:  Positive 33% Negative 25%

Ariana Grande: Positive 30% Negative 21%

Cristiano Ronaldo: Positive 29% Negative 32%

Rihanna: Positive 28% Negative 29%

Kylie Jenner: Positive 28% Negative 29%

Justin Bieber: Positive 28% Negative 23%

Kim Kardashian: Positive 23% Negative 33%

Who do you think is extremely positive, or negative on social media?



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