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Middle school was a pivotal time for everybody, and there’s nothing quite as awkward and intense as young love. Instead of Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “School FLIRTS!”

Been Love plagued ever since the 3rd Grade…

I just played the “MASH Game” & turns out
I’ma own a Mansion, On Mars
And have 47 Babies!
Yea I gotta school crush, that’s the Student in me
Carving our initials into School Property!

Say you want a First Kiss? I’ve had zero!
Done alot of of Practice, with my Pillow
When you are Around, I get all Sweaty & Tense
Our Friendship now’s feelin’ like Barbie & Ken’s

Been Love plagued ever since the 3rd Grade…
Take Swigs, from a Squeeze Bottle of Kool-Aid
Won’t talk to ya, cuz I’m feeling too shy
Might Head Nod atcha, if you walk by
School Yearbook, you look Amazing
I’ve kissed all the pages that you’re gracing
Re-read what you wrote me in the Spacing

When the school dance starts
I can win your heart
We’ll be slow Dancing together, standing four feet apart
Rest our hands in new places
Like On our hips & our shoulders…
And we’ll get closer closer closer ’til the teachers walk over

I put the “Pi-i-imp” in Pimple
Got the Clearasil on my Dimple
Maybe take a chance, and come find me at Reccess…
You & me, Holdin’ Hands on the Swing Sets

Been Love plagued ever since the 3rd Grade…
All Day, keep doodling the heart shape
Play it cool, as I’m walkin’ by your Locker…
Don’t know, why it’s coming off so Awkward?
In class, Secret notes that I’m writing
Low Pass, To avoid the Teacher’s sighting
I posed, Lil’ Question so Inviting
“Circle: Yes, No or Hmmm, Maybe?”

I just wanna know how ya feeling
But not directly say what I’m Meaning…
So I’ma ask My friend, to go & ask your friend
To ask you if you Likin’ what you seein’…

I Don’t wanna Talk to my Parents
Hate it when they ask, ‘bout my Bidness
“Ugh, Yes i have a crush… No, I’m not gon’ rush”
Whatever I gotta say to SHUT THEM UP!!!

Been Love plagued Ever since the 3rd Grade…
Read Fortunes, in Folded Oragami
The Way that you Looked at me at hop scotch…
I’d Give ya the Go-Gurt from my LUNCH BOX!
So Sad, when the Final Bell’s Ringing
It means you’re about to be leavin’
School Flirts, got me hopelessly Believing…
Guess I’ll Just See ya on Monday….

“OH UH… Ya, UH…. UH.. BYE!”

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