The popular San Francisco nightclub and live music venue, The Mezzanine is being forced to close its doors for good in October 2019.

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The landlords originally made a deal with the owner that the place would be open until January 2020, until that deal was pulled off the table.


Back in November of 2018, the Mezzanine was also faced with a similar problem.

The Mezzanine’s owner, Deborah Jackman released a statement regarding the lease negotiations with the Chritton family who will be taking over the space,

“After giving me a letter of intent for the lease extension, shaking my hand, hugs exchanged and giving me their word that we were solid, the Chrittons drew out the lease negotiation process for five months and then pulled the rug out from under us.”

Dave Chritton, CEO of Microbiz Security Co. and co-owner of the building that the nightclub uses confirmed to the SF Chronicle that the Mezzanine’s lease will not be renewed and it will officially close sometime in October later this year so his family and its business and take back the space. Dave mentioned,

“We’re not greedy corporate owners. This is a family business. We want to take care of our employees. This is our home too.”

The Mezzanine opened its doors back in 2003 and holds a capacity of about 1,000 people. The venue has hosted many popular acts and held some crazy parties in the past few years. Some major acts that played at the space include, Lady Gaga, Green Day, Florence + the Machine, Snoop Dog and many more.

Jackman hopes to keep the venue alive with the public and its help,

“At this point I feel the only hope we have is a public outcry, even louder than the first. That SF will not take this laying down. Please once again, make it known that you need Mezzanine and Mezzanine needs YOU to help us survive, at least until the end of 2019.”

It’s clearly a very important place for music fans and a big part of the San Francisco music scene. Punch Line Comedy Club in the city is currently  dealing with a similar situation with a planned move over the summer.

Have you ever been to a show at The Mezzanine? Who did you see?

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