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With the price of everything going up these days, the Easter Bunny can’t catch a break! Instead of Steve Lacy’s “Bad Habit” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Sad Rabbit!”

I think I’m Screwed Financially
How do we Do Easter in This Economy?
The Price of Food, Hippity Hop to Bankruptcy
Man it’s True, This Bunny’s Stewed
Had to move, Rent is thru the Roof
Had a few Kids with my Boo
Shoulda stopped at Ninety-Two!

.This ain’t no Fun, I’m a sad rabbit
Hopping all around Town, with a bare Basket

Thought hiding Eggs could be my Career
Had to start an Only Fans this Year
Show some Tail, and Maybe More
That’s what Furries Pay Me for, Yeah!

What can I do? Cuz kids expect candy from Me
Hope No one Knew, I Used the Off Brand Jelly Beans
It’s Sad but True, I got priced Out of Dollar Tree
The Eggs I Used, were not acquired quote: “Legally”

Please, Cadburys
Help, cuz I Can’t Fudge it!
I’ll Trade Chocolate for my Spleen
I’ve gone Broke! (That Ain’t a Joke!)

Failed worse than your March Madness Brackets
Filling Eggs up with Sweet & Low Packets
Last Year’s Peeps are still fresh, I Hear
Got a Shelf Life of a Hundred years
Hershey’s I Just Can’t Afford
Wonka’s staff is an Orange Horde, Yeah

Did they tell you, I’ve been Outsourced to the Phillipines?
A.I.’s Approved, Egg hunts are done Now Virtually

Stopped by But I ain’t gonna lie
Might Be Surprised at what kids finding
Ran out of Kinder Chocolate bites
Inside some eggs, I just put Meow Mix

No Reese’s Pieces in the dowry
On your Lawn, I dropped Chocolate Bricks
Can’t Swing an Easter Bunny’s Salary
Gone psycho like the Rabbit from Trix

Who cares if the Chocolate you put in your mouth
Is Six years Expirated? Yeah

The eggs I buy, Are half the size
Like a cold bath, it’s just Shrink-flation, Yeah
You thought those were PEZ on the ground
But I swapped ’em with pills for Laxation, Yeah

This Bunny used too have it all, I stood Tall,
With Candies So tasty, Yeah
But Now, I’m Broke in my Den
Fight Jake Paul, for Financial Salvation? Yeah

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