Ring was supposed to be the next best thing to upgrade your home security.

You were able to see everyone that walked by your house.

Everyone who walked up to your door.

Even those who were up to no good.

But it looks like it was all too good to be true.

According to Forbes, the smart doorbell wasn’t on the up-and-up.

While they claimed to be offering an unparalleled level of security…

They were undermining it at the same time.

Apparently, Ring was secretly allowing their employees to watch customer videos.

Forbes notes that while highly invasive…

The only videos the employees were able to view were those made public by the community sharing app, Neighbors.

Which doesn’t make it any better.

And the fact that the alleged invasions of privacy began when the company moved from SF to Ukraine for budgetary purposes…

Is even more squick.

The fact that literally any of the employees watched customers videos is revolting.

And no matter how much they say they’ve put “protections in place” to “protect customer information”

We should all know better.

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