Samsung’s newest phone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold isn’t even out to the public yet, but people are already having a few problems with it.

A few reviewers who’ve gotten their hands on the phone says it stops working after one or two days of use.

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Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reported that his new Samsung Fold was, “completely broken just in two days.” Youtuber Marques Brownlee mentioned that his phone display malfunctioned and Dieter Bohn of the verge found a defect on his phone causing distorted images.

Samsung responded to these display issues saying that it may have come from users takinbg off the plastic layer from the screen. CNBC tried leaving the film in place but still later experienced phone problems.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold drops on April 26th with a price tag of about $1,980.

Would you spend $2,000 to get your hands on this folding phone even with its flaws?

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