For the past 15 years, Allstate has been collecting data for their America’s Safe Drivers Report.

The results for 2019 are in and it looks like three Bay Area cities did NOT make it onto the safest drivers list.

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The report ranks about 200 cities in the United States and how often each of its drivers get into collisions and other accidents.

For the report, Allstate ranked 15 metro areas of the safest motorists in America and they also ranked the 15 worst. Three Bay Area cities including Oakland, San Francisco and Hayward made it onto the worst drivers list.

For San Francisco, Highway 101 was to blame. Oakland and Hayward both were blamed for Highway 880.

On a brighter note, those who live in Brownsville, Texas have the most safest drivers along with Boise, Idaho and Huntsville, Alabama.

Allstate partners with the Insurance Institute Highway Safety every year to create the report right before the Fourth of July holiday to remind drivers to drive safely.

Are you surprised by the results? Where do you think the worst drivers are?

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