The biggest meal of the year is right around the corner! Instead of Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me,” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Pour Some Gravy On Me!”

Stab me with a prong,
You ain’t doing nothing wrong,
Put me in the oven with a Cheesecloth thong!
Feelin’ like a champ, with the Butterball stamp,
Looking like a surfer, cuz I get so tan! (Get so tan!)

Sputter Me N’ butter Me n’ Cover me in Spice
Let me take your tongue to flavor paradise!
Lunch Time, Halftime, pullin’ my feet
C’mon little fatty, Gobble Gobble me!

Hit the Broil
Bake it up
Wrap the foil
Baste me up!

Pour some gravy on me
and onto all your Spuds!
Go sauce crazy on me!
Better wear some Gloves!
Warm, Brown, Savory, Sweet
It’s like a liquid hug!

Got dark and white meat
Forget the bib, You’ll need a sheet! Yea!

One Bite, twenty bites, come at me, bro!
Half an hour later, you’ll be Passed out, cold!
Marzipan, Tryptophan, into your blood…
Finger lickin’, drum stickin’, oral flood
Oral Flood!

You gotta cram a little, ram a little, jam a little more!
Buttons breaking open ’til your Levi’s Hit the Floor!

Big round, twenty pound, double-winged beast
Staring at my breasts, you gonna need a Priest!

Mashed Potatoes…
Down the Throat!
All Aboard the…
Gravy Boat!

Pour some Gravy on me,
And on the fresh baked buns!
Grandma took out her teeth,
She got me in her gums!
Pour more Gravy on me!
Better get the Tums

Pour some gravy on me
Gimme that Stouffer’s Stuff!
I’m your Naughty Protein,
Serve me in the Buff!
Suck my Bones til they’re Clean
I like my Giblets Cupped

Sit down, I’ll be your feast
When you Leave, you’ll be obese!

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