There’s a new type of technology that will help you detect an earthquake before it even happens.

According to Buzzfeed News, the all new app, “ShakeAlertLA” is,

“The first earthquake early warning application to be widely released to the public in the US after decade of funding challenges that put the country behind other nations, like Japan and Mexico, which have built their own early warning systems.”

There is also another app called, “QuakeAlert” created by Josh Bashioum which will be released to many users across California later this year.

From the Buzzfeed News article, it is mentioned that the warnings are created with data from sensors which track an earthquake’s “P Waves.” People receieve a lead time depending on how far they are from an earthquake epicenter.

The app is still in a work in progress and the estimated cost of finishing the system is around $39.4 million dollars and to operate and maintain the system will cost an estimate of $28.6 million.

The system should be complete as early as 2020.

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