NSYNC appearing on the Coachella stage with Ariana Grande was incredible.

But it turns out… it was just the beginning.

They may be coming back in a big way.

According to Us Weekly, the iconic 90’s pop group is secretly planning a reunion tour.

Well, okay. Not so secret anymore.

And while details are currently pretty scarce…

It’s Joey Fatone that’s being the most vocal.

Talking to US Weekly, Fatone explained:

“I know a lot of people since we did the Coachella thing, people are like, ‘What are we doing?’ So it’s one of those things to find out, do we want to do something or do we not?”

Okay. Fine. That’s not exactly “confirmed”

And it’s more that they’re discussing the possibility of a reunion.

One strand remains uncertain: Justin Timberlake.

He wasn’t present during the aforementioned Coachella performance.

And chances are, he’d be too busy to go on anything other than his own tour.

But that might not deter the rest of NSYNC from touring.

Fatone went on to explain:

“We have to have the conversation, even without Justin. The whole thing about it is it’s really awkward. It’s not awkward, but it’s weird… People will be like, ‘If Justin doesn’t do it, the group’s not gonna do it.’ That wasn’t even the case. That’s not even the conversation. Everyone’s heads are in different times and different places in our lives.”

So you’re saying there’s a chance!

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