I’m so fascinated with this story! Last week some landscapers found a car buried in an Atherton backyard. Turns out the house used to belong to a guy that was convicted of murdering his girlfriend in the 1960s and had an attempted murder charge in the 70s. His name was Johnny Bocktune Lew, and he died in 2015.

Cadaver dogs got a hit on the car that was buried and had several bags of concrete in it. Authorities said no bodies were found in the car but the cadaver dogs could’ve been smelling blood! YIKES!

This guy Johnny Bocktune Lew also was arrested for insurance fraud when he asked some undercover officers to sink a $1.2 million yacht near the Golden Gate Bridge. WTF?!

I’m so into this story and I imagine this could be turned into a Netflix series! Are you following this as closely as I am?