The new Nike Adapt BB shoes are going to revolutionize footwear.

They have their own, exclusive app, and come with a special charging station.

They’re self-lacing, high tech marvels.

But there’s only one problem.

According to Mashable, the new Nike Adapt BB, which creates a custom fit based on each individual’s foot size…

But that’s restricted to Men’s sizes 7-15.

The shoe does not recognize women’s sizing.

Granted, as Mashable notes, women can (and do) wear men’s shoes all the time.

And the shoe itself is technically unisex.

It’s just that any woman who wants to wear the shoe…

Will have to convert their size from the men’s size chart.

Miiiight have been a bit of an oversight.

And at $350 a pop… it’s kind of an expensive one.

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