The Bay Area is getting more and more expensive each year. With increasing housing prices and rent, bad traffic and other Bay Area issues, about 44% of Bay Area Residents said they would move out of the area.

A new survey conducted by the Bay Area News Group and the Silicon Valley Leadership Group found that over 1,500 people in the Bay said that, “they are likely to leave the region in the next few years.”

Those who said they were leaving in the survey mentioned that they would move because of the housing prices and the overall high cost of living in the area. More than half of the poll takers said they would leave because of the out of control traffic.

Who can blame them? We’ve got freeways that don’t work and even renting a single bedroom is ridiculously over-priced. You can’t even cook in some of them either!

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Have you ever considered moving away from the Bay Area?

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