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It happens to the best of us, but it’s not all bad! Instead of Marc Anthony’s “I Need To Know” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “My T Is Low”

Lately I’ve been feeling less manly
Tell myself “I’m Kenough”, like in Barbie
Not quite as spry as in my younger years
Quickly Get tried if I sit in Chairs!

Now Opening jars of jelly is greatest fear
Muscles Feeling weaker, than a Low Carb Beer
Doctor says it’s all about Testosterone
That’s why Gilmore Girls, is my New Favorite Show

Cuz My T is Low
My T is Low
All that Edamame is taking it’s toll
Manly Hormones
Sayin’ “Adios”
Less T than the Rock, Has in his big toe!

I got more Estrogen than on “The View”
My Chiseled Pecs have turned into man boobs!
Used to have hair just like the Lion King
I was Mufasa, now I’m Mr. Clean?!

Book looking for the magic cure to Dry my tears
Need a boost to help my Lazy boys Downstairs
Saw an ad on Insta, from an Alpha Bro
Bought Tiger Shark Hormone Pills from Mexico

Cuz My T is Low
You Can’t Tell tho…
Rev the Engine Of my Silverado
You’ll never know
That My T is Low
Got Punisher Skull Stickers in my Rear Window!

My Stretchy Clothes…
Hide My Belly Rolls
Instead of LuLuLemons, I’m MuMuMelons!

Used to Strut Around like I was a Blue Prized Steer
Now I Loaf Around more like a Panda Bear
Oh Back in my Twenties, How it used to Grow
Like the Nose of a lying Pinocchio

But where did it Go?
My Libido?
Wife is turning on Usher’s “Nice & Slow”
She’s Good to Go
But Me, Not So
There ain’t no Performance in this Halftime Show

At the GNC I know every Cashier
Poppin’ Pills Like Carnies at the County Fair
Buying Tubs of Man-Powder by the Kilo
Damn, how many Oysters can one dude Swallow?!

When i Gotta Go…
Then I Gotta Go!
All my Bathroom Breaks, Need an Hour or So
My T is Low
These Jewels are Broke,
Useless, Might as well treat ’em like Van Gogh!

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