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Anyone could go viral at any second, so come along for the ride! Instead of The Wanted’s “I’m Glad You Came” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “My Online Fame”

I Dream About, a high view count
I’d sell My Soul, For Online Clout
Hawk Tuah Girl’s, the Level where I Aim
For Online Fame

Been Posting Videos So Zealously, Hellishly
Hit my own Share Button So Helplessly, Selfishly
Praying that one Blows up Indeliby, sellin’ me
So Like A Hot Dog you could Relish me, Jealously

Need a Catch phrase now,
Like “Damn Daniel” with His Vans,
Be Famous in a Blink
Once Charlie Bit my Hands
Cuz Millions Know my Name!
A Camera caught My Shame
Shouting: “You’re All Insane!”
Dragged Me Off That Plane

I’ll Make The Rounds, thru your accounts
More Famous now, than Grumpy Kitty frowns
Just one Post from, The YouTube Hall of Fame
Hawk Tuah, Same… ‘Cept I Spit Game

And If it Goes Well For Me, Well For Me
You’ll See my Face show up in Hella Memes, Hella Memes
Late Night With Fallon Singing Melodies, Melodies
Where Taylor Swift will Say she Fell for Me, Bye Kelce!

Quit my JOB, right NOW
Selling all the Merch I Can
“Apparentlyyy” I’m Broke
Plan B is Only Fans
But “Come Cash Me Outside”
Of Doctor Phil’s Stage
Rude Comments on my Page
They Cut Me like a Steak
But Inside, I’m cake!

My Inbox Found, a Brand Reached Out
I’ll Proudly Tout, The Milk of Saukerkraut
I Got more Drips, Than All of Chocolate Rain
My Online Fame
Lasted Three Days

My Viral Strain…

It Leaves a Stain

I’ll Do What It Takes

I Have No Shame!

My Views Way Down, Ring Light Goes Out
Now All Six Likes, Come from My Ghost Accounts
Went Viral Once, But that was Back in May
Forgot My Name
My Online Fame

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