Ariana Grande has stepped up security for her tour in a big way.

She’s implemented a “clear bags only” policy.

And sure, it’s kind of a hassle…

But it’s pretty understandable.

However, one family is less than thrilled with the new policy.

According to PopSugar, a woman named Kate Aulette was denied entry to Ariana’s concert in Detroit.

The reason?

She tried to bring a medical device through security.

Sure, it sounds like she probably should have checked first.

But that’s exactly what she did.

In her Facebook post, Aulette explained:

“So the Wednesday before the concert I called Guest Services at LCA and they verified that I was a medical device and I would be allowed to bring it in but it would be searched. I was absolutely okay with this and so I planned to bring my pump.”

Unfortunately, nobody told the security guards up front.

They told her the device wasn’t allowed.

So she asked to speak with a manager.

The manager told her it still wasn’t allowed without her baby.

So she asked to speak to that guy’s manager.

This continued for quite some time…

Until eventually, someone let her into the show.

After the story broke, she received an apology from the venue.

They even offered to give her free tickets to another show of her choice.

She declined, stating her reason:

“All I asked is that they have better communication between all staff members and to be educate on breastfeeding and pumping so another fellow momma doesn’t have to go through this.”

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