Do you ever smell something funny while driving through 237 and 880? Well it’s probably because you’re driving through the Milpitas area.

Mayor of Milpitas, Rich Tran and the City Council approved a pilot odor monitoring program worth over $85,000.

Rich Tran mentioned that he is concerned for the safety of Milpitas residents and beyond.

I’m here to make sure that the number priority is our public health. And ensuring that there’s no hazardous material or air pollution that the residents breathe everyday.”

The main goal of the program is to find out where the smelly scent is coming from. People think the stench is coming from 3 possible places, the Newby Island landfill near Dixon Landing road, the Zanker recycling plant or the Regional Wastewater Facility.

Have you ever noticed the smell in Milpitas before?

Story from CBS SF Bay Area