After a week of promoting teases on her social media channels, Camila Cabello is finally out with new music!

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Camila released two singles Thursday morning called, “Shameless” and “Liar.”

She even made a music video for Shameless which you can watch above. In this track she sings about not being afraid of falling in love:

“Right Now I’m shameless, screaming my lungs out for you. Not afraid to face it. I need you more than I wanted to.”

It only makes sense to think that it’s about Shawn Mendes, right?

Her next track, “Liar” is about losing control while falling in love. The jazzy filled track has got her singing,

“I said, I won’t lose control, I don’t want it. I said, I won’t get too close but I can’t stop it.”


The two new songs are expected to be a part of her second album.

On Sunday, Camila shared with her fans a new era of music called Romance:

She also shared some clips on Instagram talking about what she thinks being in love means…

Clearly all signs point to yes, that Camila is totally in love. We are SO here for this new music!

Which new Camila song do you like best? Shameless or Liar? 

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