Orlando Bloom’s engagement ring for Katy Perry is absolutely gorgeous.


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It has that red diamond center with white diamond “petals”

The ring looks a lot like a flower.

Get it? Because his last name is Bloom?

The estimated cost for that level of beauty though? Pretty high.

E! News estimates the cost at somewhere around the ballpark of $5 million

But there’s a bit of a problem.

According to Elite Daily, it looks a LOT like someone else’s ring.

Specifically, the one Orlando Bloom once gave to his then-fiance Miranda Kerr.

Seriously, take a look at the two rings:

Miranda’s has that same style.

It’s a white diamond center, with white diamond “petals”

You know. Because Orlando’s last name is Bloom.

Though, to be fair, the red diamond in Katy’s ring makes it look a lot more impressive…

It’s still kind of bizarre that he’d choose the same style.

So either this is a super hilarious coincidence…

Or Orlando Bloom’s not exactly the most creative guy.

Hopefully Katy Perry’s okay with this…

Otherwise, this news will NOT go over very well.

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