The Jonas Brothers are riding high on the wave of their comeback.

Their new documentary “Chasing Happiness” is on Amazon Prime.

They’ve got a tour starting later this month.

Halsey covered “Sucker” and it’s amazing.

But the JoBros may have just hinted at something bigger.

Much, MUCH bigger.

According to the Daily Mail, some new merch might have revealed some new aspirations.

One of the JoBros may be running for president.


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#VoteForNick merch is now available in the online store for the next 24 hours!!

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They just announced a new line of merchandise for their website.

And yeah.

That says “Vote Nick 2040”

Fans might remember that one of Nick’s nicknames (hah) has almost always been “Mr. President”

A moniker he’s only half taken seriously.

Although, that 9 year old video gives him a pretty decent slogan:

“Jonas: A New Start”

Kind of catchy.

Technically, Nick turns 35 in 2027.

Meaning the earliest he could run is in 2028.

And since he and Priyanka Chopra have been pretty open about their desire to get into politics…

You never know.

Nick could be planning for something pretty huge.

…In the next 20 years.

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