In-N-Out Burger is legendarily only on the West Coast.

And in a few cities in Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, Utah, and Texas.

Which is why the latest appearance was so bizarre.

According to SFGate, a Double Double has suddenly appeared…

In the borough of Queens, in New York City.

The man who found it, Lincoln Boehm, is a California native.

So he knows a Double Double when he sees one.

Even more bizarre, the burger was perfectly cooked.

Piping hot.

And, aside from a few flecks of street dirt, was totally, perfectly, untouched.

The closest In-N-Out Burger is in Rockwall, Texas.

A whopping 1,548 miles away.

Or, a 4 hour plane flight from Dallas.

Both of which are way, way too far away to properly transport the burger.

Especially for it to be in as incredible condition as it was.

The theories online are running rampant.

Everything from Area 51 Alien Tech

To Thanos snappening.

To a clever marketing ploy by a clever marketer.

And while the latter may be the most obvious answer…

I want to believe.

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