IHOP is no stranger to doing crazy promotion stunts.

Remember when they changed the “p” in their name to a “b” and started selling a new lineup of burgers?

Well they are back with something new, a pancake and pizza hybrid: “Pancizza.” (Pronounced Pan-Keet-Za).

Now, IHOP isn’t going to have pancizza for awhile – in fact they are only selling it for one day only which would be on February 9th aka “National Pizza Day.” Bustle.com, describes the pancizza as,

A huge pancake with toppings arranged on it the way we usually arrange them on pizzas.”


The pancizza will be avaiable in three different flavors:

  • Original Buttermilk
  • Cupcake
  • Bacon and Chedder

How do you feel about this pancake and pizza crossover? 

Story from Bustle.com

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