This might be the spiciest song that Jeffrey has ever sang about Harry Potter! Instead of Taylor Swift’s “Trouble” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “I Knew You Were Muggle!”

Once upon a time, I went to Wizard School,
Where Houses were assigned, and scarves are really cool,
You saw me, In Herbology, With Dobby-y-y-y

There’s candles in the air, and romance in the halls
Now Myrtles not alone, while moaning in the stalls
We’re snogging, and snogging, Glasses Foggi-i-ing

You’re a Huffle Puff, that’s OK with me,
Til I realized, your blood was Unclean…

‘Cause I knew you were Muggle when you walked in
And you couldn’t case no spells
But then you brewed a Love Potion,
Now I’m Stage 5 house-elf!
Malfoy says mixed lovin’ is forbidden
But I can’t control my wand,
Made magic with a non-magician,
Shouting “Lumos”, cause you turn me on!

Woah! Ooh!
Struggles, Dating, Muggles!

Woah! Ooh!
Muggle Cuddles, Snuggles!

Slitherin my dorm, so we Horcrux & Chill,
I’m full Petrificus, and I didn’t need the pill
I’m Growling, and Howling, JK Rowli-i-i-ing

Nagini’s gonna snake, and Snape is gonna Sneer
But we’re just gonna snog, while drunk on Butter Beer
You charm me, disarm me, Expeliarm’ed Me-e-e-e!

You’re the “No-Maj” for me, and i know that’s it true.
My Patronus Charm, was shaped like you! Oh!
I knew you were muggle when you walked in
Felt it in my lightning scar
Still chased you around, like a Golden Snitch,
You Accio’ed my heart, Oh,
I knew there’d be trouble muggle lovin….
So we’d meet up off School Grounds,
Gave you a ride on my broomstick
In the Forrest behind Hagrid’s house!

Woah! Ooh!
Secret Muggle Couple

Whoa! Ooh!
Wizard Tinder’s Awful!

And if Dumbledore,
Came limpin’ in,
Trying to wand-block me
Just Know… I’d Avada Kedavra him!
For You!

I knew you were Muggle when you walked in
And on those moving stairs, we felt
Like Dementors, face sucking,
Til we get expelled, Oh,

Luna Lovegood’s, no good at lovin’ this,
cuz our magic’s, cancelled out
I crave your plain, human simpleness
Booty call you, with a Late Night Owl!

Struggles Dating Muggles!

Whoa! Ooh!
Muggles, Double Trouble!

Human girl, you’re my one & only witch!
Muggle, Nuzzle, Gruzzle
Living paintings stare at us while we kiss
Muggle, Muggle, Muggle