Making money while watching movies or television shows became a thing recently and the trend of that kind of money making continues.

The company CenturyLinkQuote is looking for someone who can watch 24 Hallmark Christmas movies.

If you get hired for the gig, you’ll earn $1,000 dollars.

There are a couple rules though of course. If you want to be considered for the role you’re going to have to be over 18, a U.S Resident and “a lover of all things Christmas, from romcoms to family dramas.”

You’ll have to update your experience through social media and you’ll also get a “Hallmark movie-watching kit’ from the company.

CenturyLinkQuote is currently accepting applications for the role now until December 6th.

Sounds like a pretty easy gig, that is – if you can handle a couple of corny Hallmark Christmas films. Hah!

What’s your favorite Hallmark Christmas movie?

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