Turkey is arguably the star of Thanksgiving.

But sometimes cooking one is stressful, a pain and overall hard work.

But we have tips to help make your experience better.

According to one expert, mayonnaise is a secret ingredient you can add to your bird.

The New York Times says about mayonnaise: “Easy to get and a cinch to use, the oil-based emulsion helps spread fat-soluble ingredients like garlic, sage, parsley, and lemon all over the bird, and then keeps them clinging to the meat instead of melting into the bottom of the pan, as a compound butter would.”

They also suggest instead of cooking a big turkey, people can cook and serve turkey parts, like the legs or just the breasts.

They also share recipes for dishes like buttermilk-brined turkey, dry-brined turkey and turkey with orange and sage. 

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What is the key for your perfect turkey?

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